Raycord Legends is a 2D platformer about a demi-god in training Raycord getting himself in all sorts of troubles. The game is heavily inspired by Rayman Legends and we develop it slowly in our spare time since 2013.

Genre: Platformer
Inspirations: Rayman Legends, Ori and the Blind Forest, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (characters and setting)
Estimated release date: unknown
Platform: PC (Windows, macOS, Linux)

“Piano Hero”, which we put down here for free download, is an old demo of a musical level, in which you collect parasprites and dodge fireballs of a rival demigod Eris, all while riding a piano to an upbeat tune. The purpose of the demo is mostly to showcase our characters and artstyle, since the main intended gameplay of Raycord Legends is platforming and not riding a piano.

Raycord Legends: Piano Hero Download